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Since 2003 EcoCare has been providing a full suite of janitorial services to businesses like yours. We service facilities from hospitals and manufacturing plants to small offices.

Whatever your commercial cleaning challenge may be, EcoCare has the experience and professionalism to clean your facility right the first time and for many years to come!

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Simple Solution to Improving Workplace Health

On any given workday employees use their hands to type up reports, shake hands with new clients, open doors and share community spaces, it might be good idea to put some extra hand hygiene solutions in place for your facility. While washing hands with soap and water...

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Grout Cleaning 101

When cleaning tile and grout you can encounter some unexpected problems. Once concern is a white haze left on the grout or on the tile after the floors dry. Two factors can produce this haze: efflorescence and sealer haze. Efflorescence appears as a white power,...

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Green Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning an office is not something that many people enjoy, but it is something that needs to be done. There are various cleaning chores that should be dealt with on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in order to keep your office sparkling and sanitary. And if you keep...

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Carpet Care Tips

Carpet in high-traffic facilities can face unique challenges over time. To maintain appearance and avoid costly issues, it's essential to implement a carpet care program that incorporates the best tools and methods. DON'T perform carpet care infrequently. In some...

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