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Finding a commercial cleaning company can get frustrating because there is a lot to look at such as, the services offered, price, where they are located at, and if they are reliable. Here are five helpful tips to assist you in your decision on a janitorial service.

It is important that you compare apples to apples when you look at the prices and cleaning services of competing companies . The way to get the right information from the office cleaning outfit is to let them know exactly what services you require from them . Do not be deceived into thinking that this company who offers you the best price is going to perform the job with the exact same quality and quantity of services . It is a good idea to make up your own list of services that you want to have done, and ensure that they give you a bid for that work.

Your second step is to ask many questions of the companies . You should learn if they are insured and make them show you proof of their insurance certificate . They ought to provide you with references and tell you for how many years their company has existed . Also ask them what cleaning supplies and equipment they have and will supply for your office . Do not be afraid to make them tell you why they are different than their competitors . Then ask them if the same individuals will clean your office every time and if they offer emergency cleaning services, should you need them.

Your third step is to call each and every one of the references that these companies gave to you . You know very well that any company person will tell you why they are the best in the business, but a couple of honest talks with their references will reveal both the positive and the negative aspects about the firm to you . You should call at least three references for each company that you seriously consider.

Your fourth step is to go over all of the tasks that you might need to have done . Today you may not need to have your carpet in your office or your windows outside cleaned, but you might require this in a couple of months. Is there any good reason to have three different companies do a job that only one can effectively perform ?

The final step is to put together a contract and review it in advance of signing it . This will avoid a last minute price change . First you should see how well the company does the job before you commit to a long amount of time . It is also a good idea to obtain a cancellation clause that allows you to get out of the office cleaning company’s contract with a thirty day written notice. Follow the simple 5 step system to obtain a genuine office cleaning professional.

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