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Spring is in the air. And with spring, comes unwanted dust and allergens which, without routine cleaning, can cause skin irritations or even lung problems in your employees. Making sure your carpet is professionally cleaned can help your employees stay healthy, happy, and working in a clean environment.

Dust mites are spider-like, microscopic bugs, which feed off of mold and dust. They can cause a bevy of medical problems, from itchy eyes to full-blown asthma attacks. And guess where their favorite place to set up camp is? Dirty carpets. To dust mites, your neglected carpet is an all-they-can-eat buffet of mold spores and dust particles. Some dust mites may like your carpet so much that they’ll decide to settle down and start a family. In their 30-day life span, female dust mites will lay one egg every day. The easiest way to get rid of them is to make your carpet a little bit less hospitable by letting our top of the line cleaning equipment serve as an eviction notice.

A simple water spill can lead to a mass of fungi growing beneath the surface of your carpet. Not only will mold make your carpet look more inviting for dust mites, it can cause health problems for your employees as well. Exposure to mold has been known to cause severe asthma attacks and can even cause depression, fatigue and trouble concentrating.

While the prevention of mold and dust mite infestation is the number one reason to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a routine basis, no one can get your carpet looking like new quite like a professional. At Eco Care, our carpet experts only use only the best equipment to keep your carpets clean and looking like new.

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