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The exterior of your building is an often overlooked step in building care. There are many reasons to wash a building’s exterior, the first reason comes down to appearances. When customers or employees walk into a building they quickly see whether it is clean, which leads them to form either a good or bad first impression of the business. The same is true for the outside of the facility. A hospital with a filthy front sidewalk and dirty lobby will give people a bad first impression. Making sure that the exterior areas are clean is an effective way to help create good first impressions of your building.

Sweeping the cement sidewalks around your facility, will help remove soil and debris but cannot eliminate greasy or oily spots. That’s where a regularly scheduled power washing is vital. The forceful stream of water from power washers dislodges stubborn oily spots and cleans them away.

The frequency of power washing depends largely on where your facility is located. If your facility is in a dry, dusty environment the dry soils will accumulate much quicker and require more frequent power washings. With the wide variety of power washers available, it is easy to find one that best suits your needs. Electric units are quieter than gas units so they can be used during business hours. However, they are limited to areas with a power outlet. Gas-engine driven units are more mobile since they do not have to rely on a power outlet nearby. They are more powerful and clean surfaces quicker than the electric units.

Hot water units are best for cleaning areas with a lot of greasy or oily soils. Also, hot water units tend to clean faster than cold water units of the same size since they break down oil and grease quicker. Even with cleaning budgets tightening, investing in a power washer makes good business sense. If the soil can be kept outside of the building, you will not be spending large sums replacing carpet or stripping and refinishing floors.

If purchasing a new power washer is not in your facility’s budget, you can call EcoCare to provide power washing services. We are located in Austin and San Antonio and we also provide services to surrounding areas.