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We at EcoCare know how important your wood floors are and we also know that they can easily become filthy fast. We also know what impressions a dirty floor can leave on your business. We have provided a few general tips to hardwood floor cleaning to help you get an idea of the maintenance they need.

General Tips to Clean Hardwood Floors

Although many manufacturers recommend vinegar to clean hardwood floors, this is not the product to use. This will ruin your warranty as well as your floors. The first thing that will help you is to be gentle. The dust and traffic can be intimidating but harsh care will ruin the quality of your wood. Just water can be used to get a clean wood floor with the right tool.

The right tool may be determined by what kind of finish is on your wood floor, especially if your floor is new. Begin with right tools and cleaning products, and the beauty and elegance of your wood floor will last a lifetime.

Two significant tips for cleaning your hardwood floors are not to flood them with water and use products specifically developed for the care of hardwood floors. Also, regular cleaning can make the difference how much serious maintenance is needed to keep them looking the best. A bi-weekly vacuuming or sweeping can keep the dust and dirt from piling up and requiring more extensive cleaning. Hardwood floor care using a microfiber cloth to remove dust is one valuable tip, especially for long-term care.

Cleaning Products

Retail home stores have a section for floors and here is where you can find different products for different types of flooring. There are special products for wood floors. Murphy Oil has been a brand named product for many years as a solid floor cleaner. However, whether it is the best or not depends on the consumers because some like it and others do not. Armstrong is also a company that has a hardwood floor cleaning system.

Natural products ( Which we recommend) are also listed as a method to clean wood floors; and, that includes olive oil. Using these products with a microfiber cleaning pad and a hardwood floor spray mop can provide a method that makes cleaning a breeze. Vinegar and water has been a home method for many years, but this combination gets mixed reviews.

In order to clean a nasty hardwood floor, you may need to use a combination of products. Obviously, clearing the dust would be the way to begin before using products and water on the surface. Sweeping or vacuuming to get all the loose dirt and debris from the floor is the first step. One solution is to use Apple Cider vinegar and water as a mixture if the floor is covered with polyurethane. If the floor is varnished or shellacked, Murphy’s Oil soap can be used. After the cleaning process is complete, you may need to get a professional floor waxer, like EcoCare,in to return the shine to the floor.

There are several ways to clean a hardwood floor:

  • Water plus a mop
  • Murphy’s Essential oil Cleansing soap
  • Natural methods such as vinegar and water mixture
  • Products developed specifically for wood floors.

It is unfeasible to determine one best method for all floors for several reasons. One reason is that there are different types of wood flooring and one product may not be the best for every floor type. Also, it depends on what type of finish your hardwood floor has. The best way to clean a hardwood floor has several elements that must be taken into account and the type of wood and the finish are to very important elements.

There may be unsightly stains on the ground that require certain coping with to get rid of. However, you can find surely ways to get this carried out. The best way to clean up hard wood floors is dependent upon the factors in the above list.

Too much work? EcoCare can take care of your wood floors for you and we also provide many other cleaning services. So save yourself the worry and time. We can remove stains and restore your floors for a fabulous look that leaves a good impression.

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