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First impressions can only be made once so it is important for it to be a memorable one.  Restaurants can have a lot of detail that customers notice right when they walk in. Decor, lighting, seating arrangements but most importantly cleanliness.  Cleanliness is the most important key to unlocking a restaurants success because people want o eat somewhere they know is sanitary everyday they come into eat.


When hiring employees to work at your establishment it is important for your restaurant to be up to par on cleanliness. Who would want to work for a ran down unsanitary restaurant? Not me! A chef does not want to be responsible for delivering tainted food to their customers.


Employees are usually left in charge of cleaning when the day is over when they are already exhausted. They can be in charge of cleaning the whole restaurant depending on the establishments requirements. With this being said, they have very little training on how to effectively sanitize floors or all of the table tops where the cook puts raw items in the kitchen. Commercial cleaning crews are specifically trained to expertly clean whole establishments. This would be worth time and money and would help sell the restaurant forcefully.


Customers are the direct source of income so they are very important to take care of. People that pay money to eat somewhere would expect the restaurant to be well-kept. Also lets not forget that if a customer gets sick from eating at a restaurant an investigation occurs. First they check the food to see if it was spoiled and then they check to see if the establishments sanitary. If  it is decided the customer got sick and its the restaurants fault that leads to bad press which can tarnish a restaurants name and business.


A food critic usually comes into a business when it is least expected  so it is very significant to make sure that the restaurant is as clean as possible.  The person critiquing the business will usually start with the how clean the restaurant is first. Also when doing so they are your hardest critic and will pick the restaurant apart. Once again, bad press or good or good press can determine how well a business thrives or falls.