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Wood floors can become a chore to take care of especially in a work place, because who has time to clean them? The biggest problem with them is that they always seem to remain dirty or become easily filthy.  At EcoCare we sympathize with your continuing battle against dust and debris.The good news is once you can get that under control, it becomes easier because you only have to clean your floors every once in awhile to maintain shine.

 Regular wood cleaners are probably the first product to come in mind when buying cleaner for your wood floors. Did you ever consider using natural Eco-friendly products?

Before giving the floor a fresh polished look , try cleaning them with vinegar and water. A small amount of vinegar in a bucket of warm water will work wonders for your wood floor. Make sure your floor is sealed and you wring out excess water before mopping the floors, as too much water could damage your wood. That all being said, once they are clean, you can now work on making them sparkle:

  • If you have natural unsealed wood floors (which would be more unlikely), you can use linseed oil with a rag, allow it to soak in for a little while, and then mop it up with a little more oil.
  • For sealed floors, you can use 1 part white vinegar to 1 part vegetable oil to give it a great shine. Just combine the two, grab a rag, and rub it in like you are polishing a car. The shine will blow you away.

Hopefully, these few helpful tips will keep you from going crazy trying to clean wood floors everyday. If your thinking ” I really don’t want to work on my hardwood floors at all”, let EcoCare our commercial cleaning service come in a restore your floors with no hassle and we use all Eco-friendly cleaners.

Leave the cleaning to our EcoCare professionals and call (512) 339-9111 or If you have any questions E-mail us at info@ecocarepro.com