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Carpet in high-traffic facilities can face unique challenges over time. To maintain appearance and avoid costly issues, it’s essential to implement a carpet care program that incorporates the best tools and methods.

DON’T perform carpet care infrequently. In some facilities, carpet cleaning is considered an afterthought. It requires daily maintenance and care.

DON’T use the wrong vacuum. Not all vacuums are suited for the same carpet type, so it’s important to select and regularly use the right vacuum. Using the wrong vacuum could leave large amounts of dirt and other debris in carpet fibers, leading to difficult-to-remove stains. It’s important for facility managers establish a vacuuming schedule that aligns with traffic volumes in specific areas, as well as weather conditions.

DON’T fail to match the type of chemistry to the stain or spot. From wine and coffee to paint and oil, spills happen. Your cleaning approach and chemistry should depend on the type of stain. Facilities often use multipurpose cleaning chemistries to address all spills and spots, often resulting in resoiling or permanent stains.

DO regularly conduct visual inspections for spots and stains. Keep a sharp eye out for spots and stains and make sure to address spill immediately. Train and remind staff to properly address and remove different spills to prevent permanent soiling.

DO prioritize proper care and maintenance of equipment. After cleaning carpet, it’s important to properly care for equipment. This can include washing and disinfecting brushes and addressing any buildup in the spray nozzle that may interfere with cleaning.

Proper carpet care has numerous benefits, included increased productivity, faster dry times and cost savings. To properly maintain carpet and extend carpet life, identify best practices that don’t harm carpet in the long run. EcoCare is trained in proper maintenance of all carpet types. Call us today for a free quote. Credit: Joe Bshero, Cleaning & Maintenance Management