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According to a 2018 survey by CMM magazine, carpet is the number 2 trouble spot for facility managers and the top trouble area for those working in long-term care and retail facilities. Below are several tips for taking on carpets that may be giving your staff a particularly hard time.

  1. Deep Clean – Start by giving the carpet a good deep vacuuming. Use a machine with counter-rotating brushes that will pile lift the carpet fibers and remove the soil. If you are vacuuming in a residential facility, use a carpet groomer before vacuuming.
  2. Vacuum Deliberately – Make sure the carpet receives the most thorough care by taking slow, deliberate passes with the vacuum, particularly in the highest-traffic areas where the most soil is bound to appear.
  3. Create A Long-Term Game Plan – While it’s not necessary to vacuum the entire facility every day, know which areas need more frequent cleaning versus more sporadic. Access a blueprint of your facility and highlight the areas that require daily cleaning versus some other frequency, so your staff knows what areas to tackle when they come in for work.
  4. Consider Equipment Investments – You have to arm your employees with what they need to get the work done. Consider investing in a wider-profile machine, so employees can realistically tackle larger jobs.

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Credit: Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine