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Health and safety standards are an important part of any organization, and are something that needs to be regularly enforced in order for your staff to feel happy and healthy in their working environment. Many offices make use of an external cleaning company when it comes to office cleaning, as it is much more efficient for them to outsource these types of jobs rather than to hire and train their own in house cleaner. If you are looking to find a cleaning company that can meet the specific needs of your office, there are certain aspects that you will need to understand.

– Offices hire cleaning companies due to the fact that they are reliable and efficient. Punctuality is a key quality to retain. If the cleaner is late, resulting in an interference with the whole office schedule, they are most likely going to be fired.

– It is important to hire a cleaning company that provides uniforms for their staff. Not only does this provide reassurance for your employees when they see a stranger in the building, but it also allows you to easily track the progress of the job as you can quickly see where the cleaner is at all times.

– It is important that the company does personal and professional background checks when hiring their cleaners. You do not want a cleaner in your office that has a record of theft, for example. If you are unsure about the reliability of the cleaner, it is well within your rights to request a reference from a previous employer of theirs. You can follow this up by phoning the previous employer and receiving a more detailed breakdown of the work that the cleaner undertook for them.

– If your company is heading in the environmentally friendly direction, it is important for you to choose a cleaning company with the same values in order to uphold this standard. This will be reflected mainly in the products they use, and they will be able to answer any questions that you may have about these.

– There are many other services that you may also require the company to provide. The windows of a workplace can get extremely dirty, and it may be much more efficient for you to hire a company that can clean your office windows, rather than having to search for an additional window cleaner.

EcoCare is one of many companies that can carry out these tasks to a high standard. A clean and healthy environment will allow your employees to work to their highest potential, resulting in a much more productive atmosphere, which will greatly benefit your company in the long run. EcoCare can take care of all of your commercial cleaning needs and extra projects such as strip and refinish and carpet cleaning. EcoCare is also a green cleaning company and uses environmentally friendly products.