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With so many choices available to us today, it is a wonder that we manage to get anything done. There are so many options such as where to do our grocery shopping, which brand of soda to choose and choosing the best one for you quickly become overwhelming. Often a useful approach is trial and error but there is an enormous budgetary difference between buying a drink flavor that doesn’t exactly appeal and purchasing a piece of household equipment that isn’t up to the task at hand. So how can you be sure to find the right vacuum cleaner for you?

While the primary concern for most of us when purchasing a vacuum cleaner is the ability with which it can perform the job, there are a number of other things to consider before making a decision. Choosing between one vacuum cleaner characteristic and another is largely down to personal preferences, so before you go on that shopping trip, here are a few question to ask yourself.

Do you have any special health needs or requirements?

Those with allergy or mobility issues should look carefully at the types of vacuum cleaner available before making a purchase. While an upright cleaner is more manageable for those who find bending or lifting to be a chore, specialty cleaners that employ allergen-reducing technology are recommended for those suffering with any type of allergy. Even for those without mobility issues, it is a good idea to test-drive a cleaner before you buy, to help determine whether it is comfortable to use – ask in store to see if this is possible.

What are the kinds of surfaces you want to clean?

An upright cleaner is impractical for use on many other surfaces, including curtains and upholstery but it is ideal for tackling those floors and carpets. If you have different types of surface from which to eliminate dirt, then a lighter, more mobile model might be more suitable for you. If, in your home, these types of surfaces are not an issue, then be sure to avoid paying extra to purchase a machine with all kinds of attachments that you will never use.

Will you be using the vacuum during business hours?

When choosing the right vacuum cleaner for you, noise can be a big issue particularly if you have customers or staff that might be disturbed by a noisy machine. Several models with special insulation around the machine’s motor is available out there so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for these if noise is an issue for you.

Janitorial work is not exactly a job that a lot of us enjoy doing but we are more likely to get the job done if we have the right tools. Before you make that shopping trip, be sure to evaluate your own needs and circumstances to ensure that you find the right vacuum cleaner for your business.

But you can always leave the vacuuming to EcoCare! We are a Green Commercial Janitorial service in Austin and San Antonio.