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If only a little speckle of magic fairy dust could make offices clean, many would gain from it. But getting back to real life, let’s face the common reality of offices. Towers of papers, documents reaching cut off dates stacked high, chairs that keep on swiveling, personal computers over heating due to an entire day’s work consumption. And the floor? Windows? Toilets? These are regularly left and forgotten about. We cannot blame ourselves if we leave these things unattended for we are often busy in the office and preoccupied with life in our own residences. The best thing to do is to consult a cleaning consultant who can come in and assist you with all your residential and office cleaning.

The benefit of a clean office is you can work comfortably in a fresh environment and end your day leaving a still shining office. It is also a way to impress folk visiting the office – from the instant they walk into the office, all corners of the building have felt the cleaners ‘ touch. Talking the Whole office, let’s think about some things in commercial buildings that commonly needs to be cleaned.

First on the list is the floor. In some commercial buildings, floor cleaning is dependent upon the kind of material employed in flooring. Wood flooring, though we rarely see them today, needs damp mops for cleaning. Tiled floors as an example, especially in the hallways were there is a wide area, are best to wash with a mop and cleaning solution. How about carpeted floors? Use vacuum cleaners for carpet cleaning. You can’t just sweep all of the dust particularly because carpets are made of fabric. Frequent cleaning of floors is a good idea to manage the growth of bacteria from the lowest part of the office.

Second are the windows. It does not matter what your office windows are made of, what is important is how you clean these windows. As with floor cleaning, you can use the same material to clean some windows. However you need to remember that you are going to frequently be cleaning at a significant level, so for your own safety it is usually best to call in pro window cleaners. You can’t vacuum the windows and some windows can be made of glass.

Lastly, you should also consider cleaning the furniture at work, such as upholstery and drapes. Furniture like seats in some offices are upholstered, implying that these chairs are covered in fabric, and therefore, dirt can easily get stuck in the fibers. You could use disinfectant spray for these materials. As for drapes, they ought to look clean, beautiful and ecologically friendly at the exact same time. Have you heard about cotton drapes? Cotton drapes are drapes of 100% cotton that are awfully handy in houses and offices where folk are allergy and asthma sensitive, and for those that wish to bring nature inside the place. Everyone would like a shining office, right? Getting a professional cleaning service is just like a dusting fairy dust that turns your office to a precious one indeed.