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Durable terrazzo flooring can be a bit complicated to maintain when compared to other hard floor options like a vinyl composite tile. Make sure you know how to clean and care for these floors or hire a company that does.

Installing terrazzo requires mixing it and then pouring it over a specially prepared surface. While the process to install this type of flooring may have been inexpensive a century ago, that has changed today due to high labor costs in today’s market. Facility owners and managers consider a terrazzo floor a valuable asset they want to preserve and keep looking its best. That’s where a knowledgeable facility service provider can play a role.

While terrazzo is generally long lasting it can succumb to deterioration. Moisture, soil and foot traffic can all take a toll. That’s why installing a high-performance matting system designed to capture and trap soils and moisture is important. Be sure to:

  • Place mats at all entries.
  • Choose long mats up to 15 feet in length.
  • Install mats in transition areas, where carpet or other types of flooring end and the terrazzo floor begins.

Even with an effective matting system in place, moisture and soils will find their way onto terrazzo, especially if there is considerable foot traffic. Remember to:

  • Sweep or vacuum terrazzo daily.
  • Damp mop it using a dry a mop as possible. Especially an older terrazzo floor, it’s best to keep moisture to a minimum to help prevent deterioration.
  • Regularly clean terrazzo floors using a neutral pH cleaner diluted according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always use new or freshly cleaned floor mops as soiled mops may spread dirt over the floor.
  • Use a fresh mop to rinse the floor. This final step helps remove any remaining soil and chemical residue from the floor.

Maintaining terrazzo floors is now quicker and easier thanks to new stripping and sealing procedures. EcoCare crew members are trained in stripping and refinishing terrazzo floors. Maintenance will be ongoing. Once you have applied the protective foundation to a terrazzo floor, you can keep it looking good with regular cleanings using a solution specially formulated for terrazzo flooring. Regularly polish or burnish it to keep up the shine. If further questions arise, consult with a distributor familiar with terrazzo floor care technologies.

EcoCare is an educated facility service provider that is well versed in terrazzo flooring care.

Credit: Cleaning & Maintenance Management