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If you go after beverage spills on the carpet right away, and with the proper technique, you may enjoy the next glass of your favorite drink free of worries.

Every expert or professional carpet cleaner will tell you, the number one bit of advice for when a beverage is spilled onto your carpet is to react immediately. Doing this will stop the fluid from seeping further within the carpet, which is clearly something you don’t want to occur simply because it will just make cleaning significantly more difficult.

Soak up the spill by using a clean towel or cloth. Use a blotting motion and strive to get as much of the liquid as you possibly can. However in the case of a significant amount of fluid (such as when a punch bowl overturns or maybe a big pitcher of tea is accidentally dropped), a wet vacuum will perform the job more quickly and much more effectively.

For milk spills, like baby formula or maybe a milkshake, absorb the milk very thoroughly not just from the spot, but the bordering area as well. The encompassing vicinity can be just as crucial as the spill itself because you don’t want to be left with unseen milk in the carpet. This can bring about an awfully formidable odor (to say the least) after a couple of days after the milk has turned sour. Grab a clean sponge or cloth and moisten it with cold water. Do not use hot or warm water because this causes the milk proteins to stick more stubbornly to the carpet fibers. Wash out the milk by dabbing a wet cloth over the area. Next, mist the area with a mixture of cup dishwashing agent with 1 quart water. Keep the mixture on for a while prior to rinsing it off. Allow the area to dry.

A combination of equal parts white vinegar and water can be utilized for treating coffee, soda, and tea stains. Apply the vinegar solution by way of towels using a blotting motion. Continue this until the liquid absorbed is colorless. Rinse out by spraying water over the area. Dry off the area thoroughly.

Kid’s chocolate mix, juice drink, and fruit punch can be more difficult to treat because of the food dye and sugar ingredients in them. After absorbing as much of the drink off the carpet as possible, apply some dishwashing detergent solution. You may leave it on for a while to penetrate more of the stain. Follow by rinsing water. Then, use a mixture of cup ammonia and 1 quart of water to blot the area. Repeat as needed then rinse off. Cover the area with a stack of paper towels or a clean towel, weighed down with something heavy such as books. This will help to absorb the liquid fully. After a few hours remove the towels and books and allow the area to air dry. You can also use 3% hydrogen peroxide to treat beverage stains. Just leave the solution to work on the stain for a few hours then vacuum or air to dry. No need to rinse.

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