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It is safe to say that a majority of people judge restaurants by how well the bathroom is kept. Usually the typical customer will take a look around the place as a whole. Next, they will sit at a table or booth and judge that on cleanliness. Then, get up to use the restroom, which is usually an indicator of how clean the restaurant is. It could actually be the make or break of someone staying or getting up to leave. As a business owner you do not want your restrooms to be so repulsive that you loose business from it.

This checklist is the usual cleaning regimen that restaurants use to make sure a bathroom is left sanitary and attractive to leave customers feeling comfortable and happy to eat in a food establishment.

Wiping and Sanitizing

  • Public bathrooms can quickly become a breeding ground for germs. Dirt and debris are often splattered on sinks, counters, walls and mirrors by people washing their hands. Toilet and urinal areas are sometimes soiled with bodily fluids and human excrement. In order to prevent the spread of infection and germs,  as well as create a more pleasant appearance, all surfaces should be frequently wiped down with a clean towel or sponge and industrial-strength disinfectant or antibacterial cleaner.


  • Trash receptacles in public restrooms are typically used for discarding used tissues, paper towels, diapers and various types of waste that carry germs. All trash cans should be lined with plastic garbage bags that are removed and replaced on a frequent basis. Sweep up any garbage that has fallen on the floor before removing and discarding the trash bag. Before relining the bag, wipe down the inner and outer surfaces of the can and spray with a surface disinfectant.


  • Keeping the bathroom floor clean is also an important procedure that should be performed on a regular daily schedule, as well as additional mopping as needed. Always use a bucket of clean, fresh water combined with an industrial-strength antibacterial disinfecting cleaning agent. To maintain employee and customer safety and prevent “slip and fall” accidents and lawsuits, always display a “Wet Floor” warning sign in the area being cleaned until the floor has dried completely.


  • No matter how clean your restaurant’s bathroom is kept, it won’t stay that way for long if you don’t keep your dispensers full. Also, the lack of soap, toilet paper or paper towels can make a trip to the restroom an embarrassing and unsanitary experience for your customers. Make regular spot-checks to ensure that all dispensers are clean, full and in proper working condition.

Equipment and Supplies

  • All cleaning supplies and equipment should be kept clean, stocked, in functional working order and located near the restrooms — at a safe and sanitary distance from customers. Keep backup paper towels, toilet paper and liquid soap in storage areas in or near your restrooms. Mops, buckets, cleaners, toilet brushes and disinfectant sprays should be kept in utility closets or cabinets out of customers’ reach.

Executing Your Checklist Plan

  • A restaurant bathroom cleanliness checklist can help only if you are consistent in keeping up with the listed chores. Since the volume of business in a restaurant can change, some days may require more frequent cleaning than others. An ideal way for restaurant owners and managers to ensure a consistently clean bathroom is perform numerous checks throughout the business day. It is common to post a checklist inside the restroom and assign hourly bathroom checks to employees. Have your employees initial each item performed ,as needed, to ensure all aspects of your sanitation regimen are maintained.
It is wonderful for you and your staff to keep up a restroom and complete restrooms checks throughout the day because of the traffic. It would also be beneficial to your restaurant to hire a commercial cleaning service to come in every week to have the restroom deeply cleaned to help ensure that it is sanitized and spotless, and it would also make it easier for your employees because they would have to check the restrooms as frequently and can apply their focus more to waiting on customers.
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