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In an office you always want to keep your floors looking clean and shiny. It reflects strongly on your overall office cleanliness. Here are some tips on keeping those floors sparkling!

If detergent solutions are concentrated, it will affect how large of a bottle you have to buy to get the amount of cleaning you want out of each ounce. Once you have figured out what you will be cleaning, and what machine you will clean it with, you can choose your detergent solutions with confidence. Like any type of flooring, if they are not maintained they will deteriorate much quicker.  Sweep frequently with soft bristled broom vacuum with soft brush a couple of times a week. In high traffic areas consider placing carpet runners to reduce wear and tear. Avoid wearing high heels on floors and do not drag heavy objects across floor. At each entrance there should be floor mats to prevent dirt and grit from getting tracked across the floor as best as possible. Try a new cleaner in a discreet spot first to make sure everything will be fine.

Proper hard surface floor cleaners are designed to leave NO residue on the floor, thus you can only work with what you have in the first place. Any floor cleaner that suggests it “shines” your floor must be leaving behind an oil or wax. It forces you into a labor-intensive waxed floor maintenance regime that your mother was always trying to get away from. Choosing the right type of cleaning equipment can help you meet your exact cleaning requirements. In the restaurant business, no other type of cleaning machine will afford you with the power, the versatility, or the durability of steam cleaners from top suppliers. Vapor steam cleaners have amazing cleaning powers, as they use high steam temperature up to 386F to dislodge stains and dirt from restaurant furniture and flooring. A steam cleaner uses very little water, which makes its cleaning action unique when compared to other types of cleaning machines. While using vapor steam cleaners, care should be taken to ensure that they are used on hard surfaces that can withstand the high output temperatures. For most hard surface patio furniture, the high temperature of a steam cleaner is needed for optimal cleaning.

To minimize the amount of dirt brought inside, place door mats at each entrance. Vacuum your hardwood floor regularly to remove dirt as this will scratch and dull the surface. Use a lightweight vacuum cleaner with a soft brush on the head so it doesn’t scratch the floor. Next, use a damp, not wet, mop with a p – H neutral floor cleaner specifically formulated for wood floors to remove dust and grime. This will help to prevent overspending on a product and will also mean that it is possible to make clear decisions over what you can and cannot afford. You will also need to consider how often you are planning on using the cleaner and work out whether it will work out better for your budget to hire someone to do it when you need it.

When you use a steam cleaner for cleaning, you create a more “green” indoor environment for yourself and your employees. Vapor steam cleaners can be rightly termed as the easiest and healthiest way to keep your facility clean and healthy.

EcoCare offers hard surface flooring maintenance plans and also can provide steam cleaning services. EcoCare is a green commercial cleaning business located in Austin and San Antonio, TX.