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Floor buffers come in handy most in commercial cleaning because they give the floor that special shine.  At EcoCare we use two different kinds of buffers a high-speed buffer and a low-speed buffer.

We thought we might enlighten you more on the equipment we use to let you know a little about what you’re paying for.

The low-speed floor buffer has about 170 revolutions per minute so this is a lot slower than the high-speed which can go up to 1,500. The high-speed buffer can polish floors more easily and effectively than a low-speed buffer.

What makes having EcoCare as a commercial cleaning service is that you don’t have to worry about doing that job yourself or paying for a buffer. The high-speed buffer is usually more expensive than the low speed and buying either would still cost a pretty penny for a business just starting up.

Even though, the high-speed is more effective and faster for a bigger job it is not as durable.  The low-speed last about twice as long as the high-speed and not to mention, are more versatile. The power of the high-speed is what makes it unable to do some jobs but the low-speed is safe enough to use on most carpets.

Thankfully, your company does not have to worry about purchasing a buffer. EcoCare carries a low-speed and high-speed buffer and we do all the work. Our goal is to give you the most exquisite look every time.

If your floors crave a shine you can’t get anywhere else call the professionals

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