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We all know that going green is important in today’s society and especially beneficial to the environment and the people living in it. The Secretary of Education announced that 2012 would be the year to set off ” Green Ribbon Schools“. The goal of this program is to recognize schools that have strong environmental impact, are energy efficient, and  provide a healthy environment within the school, and offer Eco-friendly education to students.

The Green Ribbon is rewarding to the environment and the health of students and staff members. These changes in schools facilities save money and create new jobs within the school. Also, natural resources are conserved and students are given the opportunity to experience and participate in a green economy. Not to mention, students will also learn healthy behaviors, which result in increased standards in nutrition, fitness, attendance, and productivity.

This project is so significant to teaching younger generations about our environment and encouraging less sick days within the school system. At EcoCare we pride ourselves on our effectively cleaning with green products so if your school is participating in the Green Ribbon program take into consideration how sufficient a janitorial service like EcoCare would be for your school

The first thing i can think of is cutting down cost. It would cost money to train and hire individual janitorial staff to learn how to adequately clean with Eco-friendly products to promote teachers and students health and well being. With EcoCare you will have set days and a set price. Furthermore, we are the  up most  professionals at what we do and can guarantee an immaculately clean facility with no germs or bacteria for students and faculty. Also, with efficiency we  have a full range of services to provide such as , office cleaning, hard surface floor maintenance , window cleaning, carpet care, restroom cleaning, and parking lot sweeping.

Let services contribute to your Green Ribbon Schools project, so if you want you school spotless and sanitary give EcoCare a call at (512) 339- 9111 or if you have any questions visit our website at www.ecocarepro.com