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Carpet is a popular flooring choice for homes, offices, schools and commercial spaces. It provides a comfortable place and it also cushions the impact of slips and reduces noise which makes it easier to learn and concentrate. But carpet requires maintenance to keep it looking great and lasting long. Vacuuming is the simple and efficient way to maintain and clean carpet, prolonging its life and supporting healthier spaces for living, working and learning. Here are some ways that regular vacuuming can benefit your facility as well as best practices for maintaining your equipment.

Approximately 95 percent of all dry soil is removed from carpet by vacuuming carpet regularly. Not only does this improve the cleanliness of the carpet but research shows that properly cleaned carpet helps to maintain indoor air quality. Regular vacuuming extends the life of carpet by removing dirt that damages carpet fiber. When custodial staff do not consistently vacuum carpet it can become worn, tattered or damaged before its time. This leads to premature and costly carpet replacement. Some facilities my choose to reduce vacuuming to cut operating costs and while this saves money in the short term, the long term financial impact of poor carpet maintenance is costly.

Keeping carpet in its best shape through vacuuming requires you to keep you vacuum in its best shape. Here are some tips for keeping your equipment and carpet in the best shape:

1.) Learn the operations of your vacuum. Vacuums today come with many features and functions. Take the time to learn them and it will improve the appearance of your facility’s carpet when you can utilize this tool properly.

2.) Ensure the vacuum is in proper working order. Regularly checking your vacuum to ensure it is running properly will keep it cleaning effectively and efficiently.

3.) Start a cleaning schedule that includes weekly wall to wall vacuuming of each room in addition to daily vacuuming of high traffic areas. High traffic areas require more attention. More traffic = More dirt!

Decision makers should consider the type of carpet they need to maintain when purchasing a vacuum. Different carpet fibers, pile density and carpet styles may require different vacuums to keep the carpet in optimal condition. The beauty and life cycle of carpet depends on the care it receives. Proper vacuuming will keep carpet in ideal condition for its full life time, maintain indoor air quality and keep carpet warranties intact.

For services on keeping your carpet in tip top shape contact EcoCare today. EcoCare is a green cleaning commercial company located in Austin and San Antonio, TX. We would love to take care of your carpet today.

(Information from Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine)