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 Here at EcoCare we know floods can be traumatic to a business and household regrettably it does happen. Fortunetly, there are expert’s that can come in with the equipment and materials to take care of the damages so you can attend to the import legal issues. Here are some helpful precautions and information you will need to know about flooding in your business or home.

Turn Off All Electricity Turn your power main to the off position so you don’t get electrically shocked. Never step in standing water without the power off!

Identify the Type of WaterYou must determine if your water is considered “clean” or “dirty.” Clean water comes from sources such as a failed sump pump or leaky dishwasher. Dirty water comes from sources like broken ejector pumps and cracked sewage lines.

Equipment and Materials You will need water damage equipment such as a wet/dry vacuum, carpet cleaning machine, deodorizers, disinfectants, and body protection such as puncture proof gloves.

Remove the WaterUse either a submersible pump or wet/dry vacuum to remove the excess water.

Treat Your Carpet and/or Other Flooring You must properly clean, disinfect, and deodorize the carpet.

Discard the Padding Remove and trash all the padding under the carpet.

Treat Walls and BaseboardsRemove the baseboards and create air cavities in the walls. Properly disinfect and store the baseboards.

Ensure Your Furniture is Safe- Check for structural damage and if water affected absorbent areas.

Drying EquipmentYou will need to use air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers after you finish the demolition and restoration process. These pieces of equipment will allow your home to dry properly.

Deal with Insurance CompaniesAfter you hire EcoCare to deal with the clean up of your water damage, you will have plenty of time to deal the insurance company to ensure that you see the money you deserve!

Luckily, you can depend on EcoCare to clean up the mess so you can skip the process! We take care of all the equipment and supplies , and we also specialize in impact cleans, which are effective for water damage.

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