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At children health facilities it is beyond vital to keep everything clean and disinfected. There are children there that are already sick and waiting to get better. There are also children whose immune systems are low and depend on the facility to remain clean and free of germs so they do not catch anything else. These medical facilities are usually very large so extra help is needed to keep the facility clean. Here at EcoCare we specialize in head to toe cleaning and also impact cleans. Here are some important to reasons to hire us to help you take care of your patients.

 These patients depend on you.

  •  How a medical facility generates revenue depends on its patients. If your establishment has any signs of filthiness parents are not going to leave their children in your hands . I know that I would definitely walk right out if i went to the restroom while i was there and it was dirty. So it is extremely important that your facility is exceptionally clean so that your future patients first impression is not a bad one. That within itself could spread bad word of mouth from parent to parent leaving your establishment with bad publicity.


  •  Plus, you owe it to your employees to provide them with a clean facility.  Let’s face it, the staff are around sick children all day so it’s hard enough for them to remain healthy and free of germs and bacteria. We want to provide a clean enviroment to help you keep your staff healthy so they will not have to take sick days or return home and get their household sick too.


  •  There are a lot of lives in a facility that depend on its cleanliness doctors, staff, and patients, so it is also important that you  make sure you’re hiring a commercial cleaning service that will thoroughly disinfect instead of just throwing away trash and leaving. 


These are just a few reasons out of many that your medical facility should hire EcoCare to come in and completely get rid of germs and bacteria. If you have no chosen a cleaning service yet or are not happy with the one you have call the professionals at (512) 339-9111 or if you have any questions E-mail us at info@ecocarepro.com