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When you have purchased your typical cleaning products for your office you have probably seen products that claim to be environmentally friendly, all natural, or green cleaners. For convenience sake, many individuals just pick up one of the most powerful chemical based brands because they are extremely familiar and have been proven to be a powerful tool in cleaning. Doing this, however, is actually a bad idea because of how much the chemicals in these kinds of products can impact your staff.

When you use chemical based cleaners, you should notice a distinctive, strong smell that can sometimes irritate your nose or lungs. This smell is actually a mixture of the chemicals and the fragrance that the manufacturer adds to mask those chemicals. Asthma conditions and headaches are typically exacerbated when chemical based products are in use but green cleaners are created in such a manner that ensures these effects are minimized or non-existent. Also, many people understand that pregnant women should avoid many  cleaning chemicals due to the possibility of injuring her growing fetus; however, natural cleaners offer a safe alternative for both mom and baby.

Many people like to clean their counters and desks with chemical cleaners but most of those individuals never considered what happens next. You may often think that your counter top and desk is as clean as your plates because of the trick that the smell of chemical cleaners can play. Well, yes you did just kill each nano-sized bacterium on your counter and desk but what happens to the cleaner itself? Those chemical residues that are left on the counter and desk get absorbed by every item that gets placed on it. Then those chemicals end up on or inside your body..

So what is the big concern for ingesting chemicals that are found in traditional cleaning products? The chemicals used in these products cause temporary problems such as breathing difficulty, allergy flare up, and headaches but they can also cause permanent challenges such as cancer. This is possible because the chemicals are capable of entering your DNA and creating mutations which can cause a gamut of harmful effects in the body.

Green cleaners are made with plant based ingredients so there is no need to worry about any of these things when you use natural cleaners. Since many of the ingredients found in natural cleaning supplies are typically found in some of the foods that you eat, there is really no concern about DNA damage from accident ingestion of the natural product. Plus, with natural cleaning products you do not have to worry about endangering your fellow employees or yourself.

EcoCare is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and certified with the Green Clean Institute. Our cleaning crews used certified green cleaning chemicals. EcoCare is committed to keeping our natural environment free of harmful chemicals and waste.